Sika gave birth to one little puppy

The little babyboy and his mother, Sika is doing well


upcoming litter October 2020

We proudly present the future father, Wymeswold Doc, of our upcoming litter.
We think he is the perfect math to our Sika and we are hoping for healthy and harmonic puppies
Wymeswold Doc´s data:
AD 0
Eyes Clear
Thanks to Sandra Bakker for letting us use her beautiful Dog Doc

Wymeswold Doc



Expected Puppies

We are expecting puppies mid October 2020.
We proudly present Wymeswold Doc as the future father to our upcoming litter as will have Sika as their mother


Welcome to Sika, Chervood´s Snow Tara Of Pippi´s

We have the luck that today we said hello to Sika our new member of the family.
Sika is nearly 3 years old. A sweet gentle girl who loves to show

Frapia Bright Eyes Simon his forever homehas found his forever home

Simon is living his life in Germany where his is mostly beloved and totally spoiled away

Cocker Spaniel puppies born 24.06.2018

www.cockerpets.dk has 8 little puppies born 24.06.2018. 

Sadly Mummy Alma and the puppies got ill. Only 4 of the puppies survived and are healthy and sound


News about shows, puppies etc

Chervoods Snow Beat Of Cyron DKCH Hasmark Gold Cup Spanielkiubben 22/08 2015

Clumbus Fontella Beste han hvalp både Lørdag og Søndag og BIS 3 Søndag 23/08 2015

Clumbus Fontella Beste Junior. Jung Antw VDH CAC BOB Spanielkluben Deutchland SAR Den 13/09-2015

Clumbus Fontella got certification and best opposite 10-11-15 clubshow, Spaniel kiuben i Års hallen